March 19, 2008

Iraq a country no more. Like much else, that was not planned

Five years of occupation have destroyed Iraq as a country. Baghdad is a collection of hostile Sunni and Shia ghettoes divided by high concrete walls. Different districts even have different national flags. The fall in the death rate is partly because ethnic cleansing has done its grim work and in much of Baghdad there are no mixed areas left.Digg comment: Ethnic cleansing of Mesopotamia, including the total erasure of Iraqi culture and society, was one of the main goals of the USA/Neocon war of aggression. It's in a similar vein with the Iran/Iraq war where Reagan sided with and armed his friend Saddam Hussein ( who was busy killing Iraqis much to the delight of zionists and American puppets ), but also sold arms to Iran in order to maximize casualties on both sides. You could call it genocide-by-proxy. Clinton's genocidal sanctions of the 1990's, we're talking sanctions against basic medicine, fertilizer, food, healthcare equipment, was responsible for around half a million Iraqi children dying. Yes, the genocide of Mesopotamia has a long bi-partisan history.

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