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  • Re-Remembering Rachel Corrie – The Selfless Teacher of Moral-Activism

    On the 5th anniversary (March 16, 2008) of Rachel Corrie’s supreme self-sacrifice to stand up to tyranny on behalf of a beleaguered peoples.

  • Profound Clairvoyance or Blatant Obviousness?

    Pakistan’s election results are in – it has been declared a ‘free and fair’ elections. This was ‘clairvoyantly‘ predicted by Project Humanbeingsfirst in its bold wakeup call to the Pakistani nation two months ago. While almost all pundits of Pakistani politics everywhere, including Pakistan’s own newsmedia and its intelligentsia, were crying hoarse of ‘rigging’ at the polls until today – the day after elections – Project Humanbeingsfirst seems to have been the only analytically deconstructing voice to have suggested to the contrary as far back as December 21, 2007 in its wakeup call: “ … This mantra of elections is replete with red herrings craftily synthesized to maintain Pakistan as a servile client-state in order to carry on with the same bold ‘imperial designs’ on the ‘Grand Chessboard’. It is merely the rebottling of the same old wine in a different bottle. It will surely be legitimately conducted, with no apparent riggings, and duly approved by all the impartial international observers to give the artful elections an official international legitimacy. It is quite immaterial who wins in these elections. The laws and the judiciary of the nation have already been reconstituted under the umbrella of ‘emergency’ to enable the nation to carry on unfettered in its primary objective of fighting the ‘War on Terror’ as an obedient patsy client-state – and hence to carry on in its own devilishly crafted suicide! …”

  • Perpetuating the fiction of Who Killed Benazir Bhutto

    What’s it gonna take for the Pakistan’s ruling establishment, and its press (never mind the world or its press) to wakeup to the grotesque reality of simple arithmetic of ‘2 + 2 = 4′ on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ and to stop rehearsing the asinine mantra of ‘war on terror’ against the fabricated ‘al qaeeda’? An ex post facto narrative in ten-twenty years? A multi-million dollar book deal after the nation’s ‘descent into oblivion’ is complete? Or the ‘morning after’?

  • Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? In her own words!

    Benazir Bhutto correctly identified that the same people who killed her father might kill her too. But she misidentified who ‘they’ might be. Brig. Tirmazi, former Director of the ISI, correctly identified in 1995 who killed Benazir’s father!

  • Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? A ’strategy of tension’ in Pakistan

    The present murderous chaos in Pakistan is reminiscent of ‘Operation Gladio’! Its purpose? To come ’save’ us! An analytic deconstruction of the manifest reality in Pakistan in the light of the ‘Grand Chessboard’, to boldly uncover the hidden-in-plain-sight reality of “imperial mobilization” for “full spectrum dominance” at whose altar Pakistan’s former Prime Minister was sacrificed!

  • Rise of the Fourth Reich in America - Revenge of the Zionofascist-Judeofascist cabal against Christendom for 2000 years of persecution

    Musings and reflections on war and peace, empire and victims, crime and punishment, in a modernity for which our children will surely curse us. Culminates in an Open Letter to the First American President of the 21st century. Written on Christmas day in 2004; it’s almost as if Time itself has stopped beating in its abject mourning of the loss of humanity in the ‘modernity’ du jour!

  • Response to Zia Mian’s ‘How Not to Handle Nuclear Security’

    Challenges the conventional definition of ‘nuclear security’ which domain-experts like Zia Mian in prestigious institutions and think-tanks in the United States, including at the Pentagon, seem to have relegated to the accidental (mis)use, and ‘hijacking’ of nuclear weapons. Wherever one turns, one finds the new ubiquitous threat of “radical Islamist militants making a bid for its nuclear weapons”. The very definition of the term ‘nuclear security’ has been deftly resemanticized to deliberately preclude the premeditated use of nuclear weapons by the ‘hectoring hegemons’ in their monumentally criminal doctrine of preemptive nuclear strikes, including against non-nuclear nations, and even against those who have signed the NPT. This predatory behavior poses a far greater and imminent threat to humanity than either well-controlled and risk-managed deployment of nuclear weapons despite their purported occasional failings in handling procedures, or the fiction of hijacked ‘loose nukes’ which is no different than the fiction of WMD that the world has already witnessed.

  • Disassembling the Pakistani red herrings

    Dismantles some of the key red herrings that the Pakistani public and the Pakistani military are being misled into following instead of focussing on the real fundamental core issues that is not only widening the already acrimonious chasm between the two, but is also providing further justification for others to come ’save’ us! If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might have even claimed that this rift is being deliberately crafted, for it evidently only benefits one entity - the ‘hectoring hegemons’, so that they can ’save’ us!

  • Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the ‘Grand Chessboard’

    An abbreviated version of the open letter to the Pakistani peoples.

  • Open Letter to the Pakistani Peoples – Wakeup!

    A reasoned wakeup call to Pakistan’s public to stop chasing red herrings and to rationally engage in effective preemptive self-defense in full partnership with Pakistan’s military before it is too late! This open letter contains the final distilled conclusions and recommendations for how to rationally save Pakistan on the ‘Grand Chessboard’!

  • Re-Imagining Pakistan’s Defenses – Open Letter to a Pakistani General

    Open letter to a Pakistani General bluntly laying out the unfiltered reality of America’s global ‘war on terror’ being a complete fabrication, and exposing Pakistan’s pivotal role in enabling it as a patsy client-state as her rulers go about bombing their own peoples not realizing the Machiavellian-Straussian ‘doctrinal warfare’ to which they are themselves falling prey. Thus the immediate need to wisely disengage as the very basis of Pakistan’s own survival on the ‘Grand Chessboard’. Unless we astutely save our own-selves now, the matters will unfold so rapidly at the appointed hour that there will be no time left for self-defense when the ‘hectoring hegemons’ angrily come to ’save’ us from our ‘loose nukes’ that will be claimed precipitated a ‘new 911′ terrorist act in the United States and which will be blamed on Iran to launch a nuclear ’shock and awe’ upon both Pakistan and Iran. The ultimatum given to Pakistan will be to hand over the nukes now or suffer the ’saving’ witnessed in Iraq! And just as on 911, our courageous commandos will hand over the family jewels to ’save’ Pakistan once again! Once we are de-nuked, American and NATO forces will be patrolling our streets and in the synthetic ‘civil war’ that will follow, we will be partitioned in order to ’save’ us from ourselves! A reasoned call to Pakistan’s military rulers to wake the damn up to the manifest reality on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ regardless of their own past history, and to come to the genuine self-defense of their own nation now by ushering in a genuine transformation - a re-genesis!

  • Saving Pakistan from Synthetic ‘Terror Central’

    Orchestration of ‘Lal Masjid’ – a precursor to ’shock and awe’? Rationally attempts to unmask the deadly deception-game of fabricated ‘islamofascist’ threats that has direct visible bearing on “imperial mobilization” on the ‘Grand Chessboard’! Fleshes out an overarching rational preemptive self-defense doctrine based upon the perception of realpolitik reality when ‘Alice’ is wide awake - as opposed to sitting around at the ‘unbirthday party’ singing ‘United We Stand’ with the ‘Mad Hatter’ - that can save Pakistan from meeting the same fate as Iraq. If it is adopted before the inevitable ‘oops, too late’, it can potentially derail “imperial mobilization” for “full spectrum dominance” ushering in world peace through an early d├ętente forced by the once patsy-pawns themselves!

  • The Re-Gathering Storm

    Heads up for ’shock and awe’ visitation upon Pakistan?

  • Poodle-states are necessary for Imperial Mobilization!

    Pakistan’s destiny since its very inception in the hands of the ‘hectoring hegemons’?

  • The Missing Link - Full Spectrum Deterrence

    Why is the only possible rational self-defense response to ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ not transpiring with ‘Full Spectrum Alliances’?

  • Islamofascism - Zionofascism - Judeofascism etc. An equitable distribution of Collateral Language!

    Why is only ‘islamofascism’ the target in ‘War on Terror’ - and how to genuinely and efficaciously eradicate it in one fell swoop?

  • History is great fun to rehearse - what does it do for us today?

    On the zero efficacy of the dissent space – why are intelligent peoples missing the point?

  • America’s Shame!

    On waking up the most zombie ‘populist democracy’ and plainly laying out its guilt!

  • War on Iran and Responsibilities of a People!

    On identifying the American ‘Mein Kampfs’ and why people should be reading them!

  • They dared to knock on my door!

    A narrative of two encounters with the FBI and the Homeland Security in 2003 as the bombing of Iraq was underway, and the strong assertion of one’s ‘Constitutional Rights’ by a Muslim living in America. A story of how the ‘banality of evil’ is to be conquered by both ordinary civilians, and the martial executors of the state who are human beings first too!

  • Dialog among Civilizations: Whytalksfail? Part-1

    Humbly dedicated to the memory of the selfless teacher of ‘Moral-Activism’, the American Jewish princess, Rachel Corrie, on her anniversary. An in-depth look at the role deception plays in the modernity du jour – from 911 to ‘war on terror’ to Israel-Palestine – and drawing rational commonsensical linkages to understand how to reason about reality when ‘Alice’ is wide awake on that one real birthday but incredibly confused from the absurdities encountered in her other 364 days of 24×7 immersive ‘unbirthday party’ celebrations singing the ‘imperial’ war songs. Exposes a dialog algorithm that can seed a genuine dialog among peoples and nations in the very face of complex deceptions, power-plays, and vested interests, to un-obfuscate and unmask hidden agendas and sow genuine peace with justice. Identifies specific action items that ordinary peoples can do worldwide to unmask all ‘hectoring hegemons’ in their own intellectual spaces and nullify their most potent weapon of “imperial mobilization”: deception.

  • Whytalksfail? Letters and Replies

    Was 911 a ‘Controlled Demolition’?

  • Responsibility of Intellectuals - Redux

    In response to Noam Chomsky’s seminal essay of the same name on its 40th anniversary!

  • The endless trail of red herrings

    Unmasking the deception game in the Israel-Palestine ‘peace processes’ and rationally arguing for the only just solutions space that can work short of killing off the entire indigenous peoples of Palestine as was done by the American settlers to the indigenous peoples who lived on the continent before them. Unmasks the deception of many a prominent intellectual who argue for the perverse non-solution ‘two-state solution’ in the name of “practicality” to continually enable the incremental fait accompli of the piece-meal conquest of Palestine as ‘Eretz Yisrael’, which is subsequently then again argued as “impractical” to reverse!


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