March 24, 2008

Girl's Dying Wish Denied; Imprisoned Father Not Coming Home.

His crime? Drug use. How about some compassion warden?Let's all get together behind this family and contact the warden. Please use civility as he is in a position of power and the end goal is to get Jayci some time with her father. The Warden is J.D. WHITEHEAD, WARDEN Fax 605-668-1113 email: YAN/EXECASSISTANT@BOP.GOV2Let's call our senators and voice our compassion and request that the family receives reconsideration.We want to digg this up!

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know- most media is conveniently not reporting the fact that the prison has allowed this prisoner to visit his daughter three seperate times. He's visited her hospital twice in the last month. They never denied him seeing her. Look it up.

Col. Cashew said...

Anonymous a-hole, your point is completely irrelevant, not to mention borderline sociopathic. An innocent little girl is about to die. Her dying wish is that her father be with her. What the hell is wrong with you, moron? Probably the same thing that's wrong with Warden J. D. Asshat.

I have a few dozen friends in the SOF and LE communities and you can be sure that if this little girl dies without Warden Asshat making damn sure her father is with her, he will be run up the flagpole as a major scumbag who desperately needs the rest of his worthless life to be made a living hell.

As for the blogger's remark that civility is in order because Warden Asshat is "in a position of power", that's part of the problem with people in this country. Scumbags of any sort merit neither civility nor mercy.

Anonymous said...

Col- I guess you're excluding the "scumbag" that went to prison for manufacturing methamphetamines, even though the chemicals he used to do so possibly caused his daughter's cancer.
My point that the warden has let him see his daughter. Don't pretend to know the facts of the story when you don't.

Col. Cashew said...

See, there's your problem. It isn't about Jason Yeager. It's about an innocent 10-year old little girl named Jayci Yeager.

That sudden, unannounced delivery of Yeager Wednesday didn't happen because Warden Asshat had a change of heart.

Don't presume to imagine you know what I may or may not know.