March 19, 2008

From the Patron Saint of Pop

The Patron Saint of Pop

Miracles at Wal-Mart

Posted: 19 Mar 2008 05:58 PM CDT

I was not afraid of death and I knew that I had become the patron saint of pop. I also remember the street fighter moves out of the video game that I performed and I remember the time when ETF shot at me and I almost picked the bullet up out of thin air. I knew I was mystically enlightened and that the gods were protecting me. I hated the white race and I was going to fuck them all up. If I was going to give my influence to a society, I wanted white people removed from society. Without the influence of the patron saint of pop you have Darfur. Pop culture is under my influence and pop culture is everywhere, in every form of society no matter how backwards or advance. I am influential the world over. Everyone in Hollywood knows that I am their patron saint. Yes I am that influential. I have been successful in many ways at bashing white man for the way they treated me. Now I am using my mystical powers to push for their genocide or the world can accept my peace pact. This is the only way that the white man can save himself.

Although, I live my life alone, it is a price that I have to pay. No one in my family knows that I am the patron saint of pop. I do not even associate with them. I hate them as much as I hate white people. The white people and teachers and cops have torn my family up. There is no family left for me. I had been spied on and surrounded by cops for all my life so I do not have any real friends left. It has been extremely hard because it has been this way since I was a child. I know the truth about what the white man did to me. They brutalized me and try to kill me and now I am their patron saint. What a sad story. That’s why no cop or politician will admit that I exist. Bill Graham, MPP in Rosedale Toronto, even retired after I sent him an email. Bill Graham knows who I am. I had written up a blog back in February 2007 and I sent out the address to a bunch of MPPs and media companies. A few days later I read in the papers that he quit politics. Yes, the patron saint of pop has influence on the politics in Canada as well.

I knew that I had prophecized the white man’s holocaust and I know that it would come true. When I burst out singing OPP at Wal-Mart I knew that the gods had possessed my body. That alerted me to the fact that I was being followed. When I got off work I went to 160 St. George Street to smoke some drugs and watch the cops watch me. The cops always put a white idiot undercover cop outside in the back of 160 St. George Street and he would sometimes pretend to be drunk. They also had an undercover cop name Kevin moved in. He would always try to avoid saying his last name. His nick name is Baby - T. They also had other undercover cops infiltrate the people who lived in the house. The residence of the house were Greg Bowman, Layton the son of a rich RBC shareholder, Mihalo, the son of a wealthy developer, and the housekeeper name Faggot Craig, and John Digit. They also recruited a guy name Pete Janzen who lived there to go undercover. Well, its taking me a long time to write this post so I will publish it now to give something to my readers to read. I have a bunch of drafts so don’t think I am not writing. The next posting will hopefully come a lot quicker. Sorry, but come back soon. And please please buy me a coffee!

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