Friday, March 21
BRATTLEBORO - A man arrested during a protest last summer in which police used a Taser stun gun has pleaded guilty to trespassing.

Under the plea entered Thursday, a resisting arrest charge against Jonathan Crowell, 34, of West Dummerston, was dropped. He was fined $200.

Crowell and Samantha Kilmurray, 34, were arrested July 24 after chaining themselves to a barrel and refusing to move from a lot where they were protesting potential development. Police used a Taser on both, and they have filed a civil suit over it.

Kilmurray has been referred to court diversion.

The incident prompted town officials to rewrite their use-of-force policy for police, and a consultant who reviewed the case found that officers at the scene ignored instructions to not be "heavy-handed" with the protesters.