March 22, 2008

Exclusive: Inside Gitmo with Detainee 061

Shortly after German-born Murat Kurnaz arrived at Camp Delta, intelligence reports show the plan was to let him go. What happened?Quite long which makes it all THOROUGH. Kurnaz has written a book which is to be released in April and as it will have TV exclusive at the launch, he does not speak in the article. The article goes to extraordinary lengths to show just how he experienced his ordeal, though, and makes a deep read.Well worth the time invested as you will get a very real sense of the American (and coaltion of the willing) unwillingness to tell the TRUTH, leaving this man in needless agony for years.The ending is bittersweet so far; his wife has been lost in the process, but he has a deep appreciation for the things in life that comes shining through - his humanity by telling his story for the BENEFIT OF HIS FELLOW CAPTIVES gives him a heroic stature.

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