March 17, 2008

And Hillary says what? NOTHING


March 04, 2008

By Wendy Clardy (View author info)

Columbus, Ohio -

Wendy Clardy was invited to attend the Columbus Women for Obama Town Hall meeting (Columbus, Ohio) with Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Wendy gave the governor the following letter asking her to investigate the underlying organized corporate, legislative and judicial fraud that created and keeps keeps on multiplying the devastating foreclosure floods sweeping America.

My Name is Wendy W. Clardy, Coordinator for AHRC News Services (AHRC Homeowners for Senator Barack Obama.)

Please investigate the foreclosures in California, Ohio and in other states. For decades America's public officials, lobbyists and political candidates have been telling select audiences that blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, single parents, the disabled - many of who are veterans, and the seniors are by far the most frequent targets of foreclosure scams. Foreclosure industry lawyers and lobbyists use this tragic information to persuade fellow lawmakers to vote for deceptive foreclosure enabling laws and to fool the public and the reporters listening to the government's televised hearings. Political candidates parroted this suffering while falsely promising to protect the "weakest and most vulnerable in our midst".

I am a black single mother raising three young teenagers, like many millions I also lost my home as a result of fraud and injustice in Ohio, and while going through the initial proceedings of foreclosure, one of my children tried to commit suicide, I just won a fight in court to have my child returned home from his father, he feared to be returned back in the custody of his father, for he was being abused by his father, and when I put my children into to Franklin County Children services, where they would be safe while we were homeless, and until I was able to find housing, it caused my child to try and commit suicide a second time. He feared that he and I would not be reunited.

I was forced to become pro se to my case, because the lawyers I sought whether they were to be retained, pro-bono, or legal aid, they all refused to take my case. They said my case was "too complicated." I took my case, and did research on it, then learned the language of law, wrote the briefs requesting for a void judgment, because the case was without subject matter for jurisdiction, and no notices, and proceeded from the state court to the Supreme Court of Ohio, and I was told no on all levels. To this very day I have not been legally vacated from the premises of my home and yet, there are other people living in my home.

My case was not complicated; I found through research that there was fraud upon the court, and that other judges were protecting the lower court judge, and others that were involved and responsible for my plight, and in the taking of my home. The Government, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development was involved and they were from Cincinnati, Ohio, they did not do any investigation in my behalf to see if the case was a valid case to proceed in foreclosure, and later I found out by letter from New Albany, New York's Department of Justice that I was a victim of Financial Institutional Fraud. My case has no jurisdiction here in Columbus, Ohio period, and no one involved in my case will take responsibility for what has happened to me and my family in this predatory issue.

I sought major media to cover this story, but because it had to do with our judicial system involvement--Judges...the documents I gave as proof laid in silent and motionless hands. And, for this very reason I became an advocate, speaking up and, representing for victimized Homeowners. I am the Editor of Ohio Homeowners News. I publish, network and communicate on an interactive website which AHRC News Services started up as a public service in 1997.

Homeowners all over America share news, network, publish and communicate with one another on this site, including some government officials, and businesses. We all work together to help stop the home foreclosure fraud and injustice by exposing who else is just as responsible as the banks, Institutions, Corporations and the government...that includes our judicial systems, they too are just as corrupt and broken, as our Government is.

On February 3, 2008, after AHRC News Services published an editorial giving their reasons for supporting Barack Obama for president, I and several members, from AHRC formed the AHRC Homeowners for Barack Obama. We have joined the millions working to elect Barack Obama. If we listen to what the presidential candidates say, we will be transported into lands of bliss. Yet we listened to past presidential candidates, and where are we? Our economy is in a shambles. More and more American workers face a bleak future as their jobs go overseas.

America is drowning in red ink, as we borrow more and more from overseas. We are mired in a war that we cannot win, and borrow $10 billion a month to keep fighting. 5 soldiers a day on average commit suicide because of the war. So, how can we look into the inner heart and mind of a candidate to see what they truly believe and feel?

The answer is simple. Look at what they have done. For example, on the evening of September 6, 2005, a luxuriously appointed private jet landed in the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan. Inside were a wealthy Canadian business man, Frank Giustra, and former president Bill Clinton. At a banquet with the president of Kazakhstan that evening, Mr. Clinton praised the president of Kazakhstan, and supported him to head O.C.S.E., an international organization that monitor elections and supports democracy. 48 hours later, Frank Giustra, won a stunning contract for 3 uranium mines in Kazakhstan, run by the state-owned Kazatomprom.

Several months later, Frank Giustra donated $31.3 million to Mr. Clinton's foundation. What does this have to do with Hillary Clinton's candidacy? Everything. It must be presumed that she knew where her husband was on the evening of September 6, 2005. It must be presumed that she knew that Frank Giustra donated $31.3 million to her husband's foundation shortly thereafter. So, what is the significance of this? In short, the significance is that the president of Kazakhstan has been charged with running his country very undemocratically. O.C.S.E - the very organization that he sought to head - charged that elections were held in an "atmosphere of intimidation" and "ballot-box stuffing". Yet, Mr. Clinton called the president of Kazakhstan in December 2005 to congratulate him on his "winning" the election with 91% of the vote.

One recognizes the delicate situation between spouses. But, Hillary is asking us to make her president and we are justified in asking whether her commitment to human rights is genuine or simply window-dressing? If this were her only lapse, it might be overlooked, but her long history of courting large corporations such as the pharmaceutical companies and banks establish that she will continue to do so if elected. At her rallies in California, she has had on the stage with her, many of those who have wreaked havoc on homeowners in homeowner associations and created foreclosures - Gray Davis, John Garamendi, and Willie Brown.

Homeowners cannot expect her to be their friend if she gets elected. For the above reasons - and many more that space does not allow - AHRC News Services endorses Barack Obama to be president. This is the first time that AHRC has endorsed any candidate for president. Obama's actions have been consistent with his words. He has not been co-opted by the special interests. His clarity of mind sees beyond the divisive categories of the past. Of all the candidates, he is the only one that seems equipped to lead us into the future. A vote for anybody else is a vote for the past.

This group AHRC Homeowners for Barack Obama consists of homeowners and friends of homeowners and members of American Homeowners Resource Center (AHRC) who while working together to protect America's homes and families will also work and/or contribute to get Obama elected President of the United States of America. After this group was set up on Obama 08 campaign website on Friday February 1, 2008, most homeowners we surveyed want an end to the Clinton-Bush war-foreclosure politics. The Clintons for years have fund raised, campaigned and propped up foreclosure baron politicians like California ex-governor Gray Davis, ex-Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, California State Assembly Speaker, Fabian Núñez, ex-California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, ex-Speaker of the House Willie Brown and received millions from lawyers who lobby for home foreclosure laws.

During this campaign, these foreclosure politicians are using their positions of power, influence and connections to campaign for their star fundraisers and power brokers, the Clintons. These California politicians, and their Republican collaborators, wrote the unconstitutional homeowner association laws (Davis Stirling Act) so bankers, homeowner association lawyers and judges and insurance companies could defraud homeowners for mandated fees without providing required services. Lawyers and courts use citizens' homes, earnings and life savings as ATM machines and extort millions in fraudulent lawyers, judges and court fees. Millions in stolen equity are channeled by these foreclosure interests into the political coffers of collaborating politicians and judges and to finance California's court construction and judicial employment boom.

The greed of these politicians and corporations has made California, Ohio and other states the homeless, foreclosure and fraud capitol of the world. The analysis and exposure of these crimes and sufferings has disgusted and angered many and motivated them to use their writings and voices to speak in the behalf of all homeowners.

February 27, 2008, the President of Columbus State Community College Will Cops called me and explained to me that I was picked by Bill Clinton to be invited to Senator Hillary Clinton's town hall meeting, to tell her my story of what happened to me in the predatory lending issue. I spoke to all that was there as the same as I am speaking to you in this letter, about what happened to me, and the local and national media was there to here my story. I not only covered my own story, but Hillary's town hall meeting too.

Then, I wrote an open letter to Senator Barack Obama because I wished it was him that I had the chance to tell this story to. I believe in Senator Barack Obama and have voted for him anyway, to view this letter, I wrote it on our web site, and on our blog that is

Please come and visit our web site, and see the concerns we have as homeowners across the board at:, or contact us at: or you can call us at: 614-735-1880

Thank you for your time and interest in the American Homeowners concerns.


Wendy W. Clardy
Editor, for Ohio Homeowners News

VIDEO: Governor Kathleen Sebelius explains why she supports Barack Obama

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