March 23, 2008

Activism - Return of SDS

The Return of... Students
for a Democratic Society
Portland High School students
walk out of class, take to roof
of City Hall, demand a meeting
with the mayor -- and get it:
'A Smashing Success'; "I've never seen a protest where the average age is 14, 15, 16 years old. ... These kids don't even have facial hair." (PHOTOS) | 14-Year-Old on the Bullhorn in Ohio; "I don't want to count the number of those who died in this pointless war." -- Julia Celeste, Shaker Heights SDS | Professors, Veterans Join MU Walkout | Middle Tennessee State University Students 'Die' | Michigan State University Students Take to Streets | Harvard: Fund Education, Not Occupation (VIDEO) | UNC-Greensboro Stop-Losses Rep. Watt (VIDEO) | UNC-Chapel Hill Students Protest War (VIDEO) | UNC-Asheville Students Walk Out, Rally | UNC-Charlotte Students 'Die' | SDS UND A-Okay | Preoccupied; Eight Providence Students for a Democratic Society arrested at Army National Guard recruiting office

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