March 20, 2008

Activism: Market Square SF demonstrations spark DEBATE

Do I recommend watching this video? Yes I do? It is an Object Lesson.

We will see more actions like this in the future. These are REAL people with a REAL issue.

In 2006, the Democrats were elected to CONgress to END TORTURE by the American people, but Nancy Pelosi took impeachment OFF THE TABLE.

The Ron and the Paul Bearers crowd don't work for impeachment, rather opting for ENDLESS arguments on line and in the streets. FOR SHAME.

Here are some of the "filthy" protestors Nancy Pelosi complains about being ARRESTED. Voices of conscience in a fascist state which tolerates NO dissent and action against the superglobalists who rule the White House and CONgress.

Should Ron Paul EVER wake up and do some good and follow the Constitution instead of spouting off about it and "liberty" .. he would get his supporters working on impeachment and understanding the nature of WAR CRIMES, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and the very real risks that are being run as the TORTURE continues. I mention this becuz the video is off the Blog 4 Paul website - where some folks still think a one-issue agreement with Ron Paul will net them liberty against colonial aggression and all the "jollies" that come with it - torture of innocent people being just one aspect of it.

Endless debating and head games are NOT going to end the insanity, that is for sure.


Antiwar and Prowar supporters argue: Arrests made 3/19

War protest in San Francisco 3/19/2008 on the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq war. Antiwar and Prowar supporters argue over mock Abu Grabie [sic] protesters who block Market Street traffic and get arrested.

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