March 21, 2008

Activism: Chicago's war protests + Malachi Ritscher

Protest! March 19, 2008 Rally and March
March 19th peace rally and march on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

The first time collaboration between two Chicago based television shows produced this two part video that includes footage from many contributors. After a callout to the community volunteer videographers covered the rally, the march on Michigan Avenue, and independent actions held around the city.

Produced by:
Chicago Independent TV and Labor Beat

Malachi Ritscher Mission Statement -- Part 1 of 2. An interpretation of the Chicago-based antiwar martyr's final statement. In December 2002 Ritscher set himself on fire near a highway off-ramp to protest the Iraq war.

Chicago Independent TV
CITV February 08 Episode - part 2 (less)

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