March 18, 2008

The 7th dimension's brilliant essay. Read and be moved, too.

Before you begin, you should take into account that this is being written by a so called "conspiracy theorist". The widely accepted way to address this situation would be to click "back" on your browser and go along your daily routine. Knowing that many people will do just that, these thoughts seek those frustrated by the societies around them.

It's no news that the world is chaotic; ignorance, apathy, and despair swimming through towns and countries like wildfire. A sacred bond has been broken. Modern life deteriorates our ties to instinct and intuition. As a child, I often marveled at the ability to find joy in anything. The world was new and exciting, even ethereal. It was the ultimate individual experience, a land of imagination.

Growing up, It became apparent that I was being shaped to serve as something. Whether it be a person or purpose, I saw this was the accepted way of life and trusted it would lead me to happiness. As time passed by, it became apparent that I was sacrificing more and more of my individuality for the social standard. People always seemed to be different from me, and I couldn't quite grasp it. Trying to fit in worked but appeasing some stereotype became a boar. Eventually, I came to the realization that my spirit was being suppressed. Progressing through life is the challenge of building upon yourself; finding a balance in youth and maturity. The social design hijacks this natural process and runs the psyche towards one extreme. Everybody becomes conditioned to serve the public's "ideal life", while sacrificing their true potential for money and material success.

We must be clear that this is not our natural order and there are ways to actually nurture life. Thousands of children die from starvation a day and in America obesity is a disease. Don't you see what's happening? Those children could easily be fed. Why not then? People have become largely subservient and don't question anything AT ALL. We spend almost 3 trillion dollars to destroy life in Iraq but we can't feed Africa? We can't feed our own homeless or impoverished? No, only those entranced by a life devoid of any moral fabric can continue on. The poor feel that wealth will solve their problems, turning to alcohol and drugs as a way to "get by".The wealthy get by just fine but also use substances to drown out the emptiness. In lamens terms, we're fucked up; much of the irony slips away unnoticed.

People are too detached to accept that the world could be better. Everywhere I go, I see good people that have potential for greatness. Unfortunately, we are at such a point where this potential has been consumed by worry and uncertainty. Worry sucks the spirit out of a person and leaves paranoia and fear in its stead. So you ask where have all these problems stemmed from? There's a song by Bob Dylan called "You Gotta Serve Somebody". Dylan warns that everyone will serve somebody else one way or another. With all the problems in this world, it doesn't take long to realize that somebody is getting a whole hell of a lot of service.

Monarchies have existed since the beginning of time it seems, but have you ever asked yourself why? Communities first worshiped their leaders as gods and since then society has largely been formed around the idea. This is no natural feat and actually goes against Darwin's theories on survival of the fittest. Why would one go out of their way to provide luxury for another when they too seek comfort? It's definite that either people were forced into serving royalty or coerced through a system of trade. The fact that monarchies and royals still are known throughout the globe exposes them for the oligarchical force they are. In the beginning they were hailed as gods, but it only makes sense for them to abandon the praise with such a high profile title. Instead, they continued to exercise their power with discretion; under the guise of a governmental system. It's destructive to keep feeding the monarchies power as they continue to encourage conquest and caste. It's no different in America. Corporations have become our royal families. We identify with their monikers like royal crests.

These are the basic questions of any educated "conspiracy theorist". We've sat on both sides of the fence and have developed a greater understanding as to the intricacies of concentrated power. Sure, there are some that are completely nuts and will believe just about anything, but look no further than the world's premier religions for a few more. We are by and large concerned individuals with an understanding of the human ego and its relationship to power; aware of the disparity that exists in each and every being. We are more proponents of great change and equality, motivated to inform the rest of the "flock" of our inevitable future. We live in a brave new world, a world determined by perception; only to be confined by the will of our leaders when the very perception they have conditioned us to is tested. This is a time to band together and compliment each other's abilities. We can take an approach that emboldens the abilities of our peers, eradicating the divisions between us. "Survival of the fittest" has long since past. Our future is seasoned by the ability to cultivate intelligent thought and collaborate effectively. Let's put the ego aside for a good thousand years and work towards the transformation of perception and reign of happiness.

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