September 05, 2008

Town HALL planning meeting - SATURDAY Sept. 6th

We will meet as planned

Saturday, September 6th at 1 pm

To set up committees to show Canadian support to

Impeach George W. Bush


The address is

16 Spadina Road

Spadina - just north of Bloor

If the weather is nice we can move to a park.

Please bring POT LUCK to share around. of you have the yen !!

You can pick up petitions to pass around.

We need to send law students to Andover Massachusetts to learn how to prosecute for WAR CRIMES !!!

This will end the tyranny !!! Genocide is the Supreme International War Crime !!

Please be prepared to let us know what you think !! How we can end WAR CRIMES and prosecute war criminals. (Remember there is NO statue of limitations on WAR CRIMES.

We are trying to send law students to Andover Massachusetts to learn how to prosecute.

For this reason we need your donations.

If you cannot attend: Please send cheques for $350 (other amounts accepted, gladly), the conference fee and accomodation for those wish to attend to:

Virginia Simson
133 Broadway Avenue, Apartment 2
Toronto, ON M4P 1V5

You will be given a receipt.

With training given by Vincent Bugliosi (and others), this training will stand us all in good stead in future times.

This blog will keep you posted on where will actually hold the TOWN HALL !!

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