September 04, 2008

Harper to launch election Sunday

The WAR CRIMINAL is taking his tyranny to the electoral booth !!

My God !! Does he understand that many are SICK of his militarization of Canada and the debt it creates ????

They are really, really pissed about the fate of our fellow citizen Omar Khadr !! Why would they NOT be angry ?? It is totally outrageous.

Nobody wants George W. BuZh lite in Canada whose thought through what Stephan Harper does. He is truly a TRAITOR. No one wants the SPP/NAU, torture, nor enormous federal debt. The actions he took on unit trusts, should be enough to defeat him ROUNDLY.

Take off the blue eyeshadow, Harperino, and take a look at what you create !! A truly unequitable Canada.

Kingissimo Stephan Harper just won't DO.

We don't want Canadian TYRANNY !!!

Harper to launch election Sunday

David Akin, Canwest News Service

Published: Thursday, September 04, 2008

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean early Sunday morning and ask her to dissolve the 39th Parliament, Canwest News Service has learned.

Canadians will vote Oct. 14, after the shortest campaign permitted by law.

Harper will begin campaigning immediately after leaving the Governor General's residence at Rideau Hall, touching down in at least two cities and possibly three before day's end Sunday.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to ask the Governor General on sunday to dissolve Parliament.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to ask the Governor General on sunday to dissolve Parliament

The general election will supercede four scheduled byelections - two each in Quebec and Ontario. Voters in three of those ridings were set to vote Monday.

Harper's decision to ask for a general election ends the longest minority Parliament in the country's history.

The Conservatives and Liberals enter the 2008 race polling at levels hovering near the 2006 election results and most, including the prime minister, have predicted another minority government.

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