September 21, 2008

President Palin They've already stolen 2008 Rove has already fixed the 2008 election

Get used to it

In 1997, I started writing about how widespread election fraud was the United States.

Google "election fraud San Francisco"

My concern was that if this problem was not addresses, anyone could be put in the White House.

George Bush Jr. was just the beginning.

If, Karl Rove successfully rigged voter records in key swing states - and there is every evidence that he has - and if John McCain does not survive his term - and there is every evidence that he won't - Sarah Palin, the moose-eating, go-go boot wearer, oil company-loving moron, will be president of the United States.

My guess is 2010.

Impossible, you say.

Not at all.

Any country that would tolerate eight years of George Bush Jr. will tolerate anything.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but the possibility is very, very real.

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