September 21, 2008

Here is ladybroadoak at the WAR CRIMES CONFERENCE !!

A bit late posting .. but here is the VIDEO re the culpability of prosecuting torturing war criminals like Nancy Pelosi.


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Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with the responses you were given at the conference.

1. Whether there were or were not lawyers present has no relationship to whether there were legal responsibilites of AMericans to report war crimes.

2. They were not responsive to your concern that the lawyers were not held accountable.

3. The excuse of "the rules were changing" is not a defense, but more evidence. Geneva is clear, as were the DoD rules requiring a report of war crimes for investigation. This did not occur.

4. The lawyers were, in 2001, saying in DOJ OLC memos there was a chance of proseuction in foreign courts. Whether the US government, to mitigate those prosecutions had legal counsel at the interrogations, does not address the legal requirement of the United States as a detaining power to comply with, enforce, and investigate breaches of, Geneva.

5. The issues you raised were right on, and the people who responded to you are getting distracted by the AMerican lawyers' "defenses" (false confusion, unclear roles).

6. Whether there were or were not "rules" about interrogation has no relationship to the legal duties of the Americans to comply with, and enforce -- as a detaining power -- Geneva. That there is so-called "confusion" about the "interrogation rules" is not a defense, but evidence of a falure to enforce Geneva.

7. You were right on when you mentioned Congressional counsel and Members of Congress for their failure to timely act, and their failure to ensure the the "reporting and investigation of war crimes requirement under Geneva" did not also get applied to the President and others subject to the Laws of War. Arguably, as Commander in Chief, the President could be subject to Geneva as a leader of the military; and Congress, because of their shared policy-making power with the Executive, are complicit with the Commander in Chief's decision not to enforce, investigate, or gather evidence of war crimes.

The status of the detainees is irrelevant from the responsibilty, as a detaining power, the US has to enforce, investigate, and proseucte war crimes.

More is available from the DOD IG and through the NAVY emails recently disclosed.