June 02, 2008

Last push to remove Pelosi NOW

Is Nancy Pelosi Cheating In Her Congressional Primary? Help Challenger Shirley Golub Fight Back

There are widespread reports of so-called "issue" ads, financed by an
outside group, being run to coordinate with Nancy Pelosi's attempt to
retain the congressional nomination in San Francisco on June 3. Such
ads were made blatantly illegal under the Bipartisan Campaign Reform
Act of 2002, UNTIL the currently stacked Supreme Court cut the heart
out of that legislation last year. But these ads are still blatantly
UNFAIR. Please help challenger Shirley Golub to fight back by making
a contribution in the last 48 hours of this campaign.

Stop Bush and Pelosi Video:

In the next couple days the future of our country for years to come
will be decided. The Senate has already surrendered on a bill to
extend for at least another year the occupation of Iraq that we the
people overwhelmingly do NOT want to continue. And Nancy Pelosi is
bending over backwards to have the House of Representatives do the
same thing.

Shirley Golub, who is challenging Nancy Pelosi in the June 3
Democratic congressional primary needs your help to get her final TV
spot (on the page above) on the air in the last couple days of the
campaign, calling on her constituents to stand up now, and here it

Shirley needs just $25,000 more this weekend to really make this
happen. Please help us to reach this goal.

Stop Bush and Pelosi Video:

We will all look back on this time and understand how critical this
moment was. Your contribution now in the last couple days of this
campaign can make a real difference in finally getting Congress to
take we the people seriously, instead of taking us for granted, to
get them to finally stand up to Bush while there is still time to
stop him from lighting the final powder keg. Let us look back and be
able to say we did all we could have done to save our own lives.

Why would we believe that Congress would demonstrate any more
fortitude in the future than they are good for today, REGARDLESS of
who is elected as the next president? Only by defeating Pelosi in the
CA-08 Democratic primary on June 3 can we send a strong enough
message to stop the latest installment of the Armageddon Express. And
the only challenger she has in this election is Shirley Golub in San
Francisco, standing in the way of more terrible death and destruction
in Iraq. If it was not THAT important we would not be making this
last appeal.

Some say that the terrorists attacked us to drive us out of the
Middle East. That is exactly backwards. The terrorists attacked us to
draw us INTO their backyard, where they have all the advantages,
where they could grind us into the sand in an occupation of
attrition. And the perfect storm of Cheney's arrogance and Bush's
stupidity have played right into their hands, by building hatred for
America in the Muslim world like a fast breeder reactor.

Every day we fight for a victory that can only forever elude us, that
can only be had by subjugating the Iraqi people themselves under a
permanent military occupation, the peril to our own security at home
grows. How can we be secure when more and more people in other
countries hate us every day? How? Please contribute now to get this
message out, as if the lives of your friends, your family, your own
life, depended on it, because they just might. We promise you that
you will remember we spoke these words.

We Also Need Phone Bankers his Weekend

Even if you cannot make a contribution you can vote with your voices.
Shirley needs as many people as possible to make phone calls to
constituents in her district, calling on them to get out and vote in
this most critical of all primary elections. If you can put in some
time making phone calls please submit this page below and a
coordinator will get back with you.

Phone Banking Volunteers: http://www.shirleygolub.com/volunteer.php

Some believed that electing a Democratic congress would be sufficient
to end the indefensible occupation of Iraq. We knew better and said
so to anyone who would listen at the time. In the last election
cycle, the Democratic so-called leadership ran away from any
candidate talking about bringing the troops home now. They pushed
forward and only supported "blue dogs" instead, even in very liberal
districts. To actually end the disaster in Iraq we must replace them
all with candidates like Shirley Golub, who are publicly committed to
stopping the funding immediately.

We can do that now in the biggest congressional primary ever, the one
that will send the message that cannot be ignored, "Get out of the
people's House."

Help Shirley Golub send that message now by contributing something to
stop the latest war funding bill cold, by demonstrating the REAL
power of the people, the power, and the will, to vote them out of
office, and to put in someone who will listen, and is faithful, and
WILL do their duty, to represent the people, and to protect and
defend OUR Constitution.

Paid for by Shirley Golub for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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