June 02, 2008

earthquake update !! West Coast USA at risk ..

BULLETIN ITEM: Suddenly, A Lot Of Quakes - More To Come - Heads Up ALL Subduction Zones

The Full Moon Syzygy, barely started, has already doubled quake frequency Class 4+, quadrupled frequency for Class 6+, and brought us four shape-shifter quakes in the Great Rift during the past 24 hours, including a 6.4 quake close on the rim of the Antartctica Tectonic Plate. Another 6.4 quake struck the Philipphines and a handful of Class 5 quakes struck northern Japan (Rykyo Islands). We have pehaps another full week of elevated quake activity. Strong heads up Western Pacific, esp. Japan, Taiwan, China, Philipphines, New Zealand. Also North America is loaded, primed, cocked, and ready to rip. Today's activity in the East Pacfic Rise may also portend more activity to come in the Andes from Chile to Peru. Much can be said for the Central-Eastern Medit. and Aegean Sea region. Another 4.2 quake in the central Aegean demonstrates increasing tension transmitting through the Eurasian Compression Belt from Turkey to Sichuan.

This by all measures and all observations is about the all time most dangerous Full Moon Syzygy I have observed. I was expecting this next December, not June. Since the Sun's gravity influence is at about its lowest level for the year, this tidal seismic storm is being brought primarily by the Moon's orbital influences, which has three primary aspects: phase (relationship to the Sun), perigee (closeness), and declination (tilt of orbit vis a bis orbit of Earth). All three are "focusing" at the moment in a synergistic "syzygy" (alignment with the Sun opposite side of the Earth) to maximize the influence of the Moon's gravity on the surface of the Earth. The Moon creates vast tides in both the water AND the ground, causing both to rise and fall as a result of its gravity influence. Currently the strongest stress in likely to be in the Great Rift, since the Moon and the Sun will be pulling on opposite sides of the Earth, pulling the taffy like mantle of the Earth apart slightly, just enough to cause the thin, weak crystalline egg-shell crust to crack here and there. This will produce a primary "ground" shape-shifting wave which is about 12 hours long. Those of you who are watching quake phenomenon, watch for this frequency and see if you can spot the wave in action. If you hear of a big quake in Asia and notice a lot of "frogs" crossing the road in you western U.S. city, or a sudden outburst tonight by dozens of coyotes, etc., a major quake in your area could be on the way in a matter of just hours.

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