October 07, 2007

Canada and Climate Change Activism

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Combat Climate Change, Arrest the Climate Criminals!
Tues. Oct. 16
9 a.m. on Parliament Hill

John Baird and Stephen Harper, for Crimes Against the Planet
(Both are considered reckless and armed with excessive hot air)

Their crimes include:
* Killing the new and improved Clean Air Act
* The melting and sabotage of the Arctic
* Conspiring with Big Oil to ramp-up the Tar Sands
* Dumping nuclear waste onto future generations
* Breach of international law: Kyoto Protocol

* Rally to arrest these climate criminals *

On Tues. Oct. 16th, the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC) will
demonstrate against the climate criminals, Stephen Harper and John Baird,the day Parliament returns to office and the day after Canada signs onto the Asian Pacific Partnership.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to delay the opening of the fall
session of Parliament to Oct. 16, which effectively shelves the new and
improved Clean Air and Climate Change Act. The initial act was smoke and
mirrors meant to confuse the public into thinking Harper was actually doing something about climate change. It ignored our Kyoto commitments, provided no regulation for industry, and proposed intensity-based targets, which means pollution can continue to increase, as long as the amount of pollution per unit of energy decreases. Opposition parties proposed amendments to the bill with emission-cutting targets, thereby toughening the bill and making it an effective tool to reduce our emissions. But now Harper has abandoned this piece of legislation.

The arctic is melting at an alarming rate. Ice experts and climate change
scientists are stunned at the rapid rate of meltdown in the Canadian Arctic
which has reached a record low. And the fabled Northwest Passage is now open to shipping. Instead of committing to reduce the rate of Arctic melt and protect the human and animal life in the Arctic, our leaders are scrambling to claim their share of oil, gas and diamonds. Their behaviour is disgraceful!

Harper is also breaking a law called the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act which requires Canada to honour commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve our Kyoto targets. Now environmentalists are seeking a court order to require the government to comply with the legislation. John Baird claims that achieving these targets are impossible because they would "be disastrous for Canada's economy." This is untrue. We can meet these targets by taking serious action with meaningful regulation, efficiency and innovation – all of which can boost the economy. Let's tell Harper that he must obey Canadian law!

Harper is negotiating with Bush under the Security and Prosperity Partnership to increase Canadian oil sands production by five times. And Canada is now joining the world's six largest greenhouse gas emitters – the US, China, Russia, Japan, Korea and Australia, known as the Asian Pacific Partnership. These countries are calling for non-binding targets, and
"long-term aspirational goals" to slow fossil-fuel carbon growth. The US refused to ratify Kyoto and is isolated from world opinion. They are undermining efforts by the United Nations to combat climate change. Now Canada is following that track. This is an embarrassment for Canada! We need to tell Harper and Baird that we are deeply ashamed of Canada's decision to join the Asian Pacific Partnership and that this decision does not represent the decision of Canadians. We need to show our leaders that we are ahead of them on climate change and that this is THE issue that Harper cannot "cut and run from." This is our finest hour.

Bring your young ones, friends and family and give them a chance to stand up and defend their right to their futures. We have to act now to save the earth and ourselves.

Combat Climate Change, Arrest the Climate Criminals!
Tues. Oct. 16
9 a.m. on Parliament Hill

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