December 10, 2010

The Winter of Britain's Discontent - (?)

This morning one can spend hours reading articles and comments about the attack on the "vehicle" (read: fortified Rolls Royce tank) carrying HRM Prince Charles and Camilla - and forgetting what the ESSENCE of this is about (which, if you are a faithful reader of this blog - not many left save intelligence agencies - should be clear to you by now.

So this bit just radiated at me as posted in the New York Times' coverage (under BUSINE$$ - who'd a thought?). Now this is TRUTH: (thanx Terry !)

December 10th, 2010
8:41 am

Whilst violence is very much to be discouraged, the police policy of 'kettling', holding people without food, water or toilet facilities, like sardines, for hours and hours on end, is designed to make them boil over, hence the term. Then the fascists can wade in and crack some skulls while blaming the kettled people they provoked. This is all part and parcel of hypocritical, sneaky Britain, in which 40 percent of the population live in relative poverty, such as is unexpected in a rich nation. The cry about the money running out is not true, it has merely been redirected into the coffers of the super-rich tax evaders, who also direct the plutocracy they falsely claim to be a democracy in Britain. The government is in any case a stitch up and was not voted in by the people, who are disgusted with these criminals. Handy thing, an unwritten constitution and no Bill of Rights! Along with a bit of gerrymandering and three Thatcherite, neo-con political parties that jump to the tune of the same New World Order banker pipers, it's any which way you lose for the majority of the people, as this farce illustrates.

"I would feel ashamed if I didn't deal with the way that the world is, not simply dream of the way the world I would like it to be," he said.'

The thing about this lying public schoolboy's utterance, is that the world is how it is because of manipulative, lying, thieving , classist fascists such as himself and his Bullingdon Club millionaire Cabinet mates.
The fees are just one aspect of the onslaught. The multi-billion Pound National Health Service is being handed on a plate by the coalition to the waiting parasite sons and daughters of the chosen ones, the quack class, who are carefully selected through a racist, classist school education system, which limits people's chances right from birth, so that these vultures can pick it clean to line their already inflated pockets, and further favour the rich over the poor (who pay a lot of money in taxes and National Insurance for 'their''free' NHS). The rich are in other words stealing everything they can, pushing up costs astronomically, or bankonomically, and stripping the people of everything they can in the fashion one would expect to find in the middle ages, not the twenty-first century.

Health outcomes are directly related to wealth, as is schooling, and now the rich want to ensure that the 'oiks', the less well off, are excluded from the knowledge economy, as they have been excluded from so many growth and advancement opportunities down the centuries in a Britain that is becoming even more socially divided than at any time in living memory.

There's also no money for education, but plenty for arms deals, even if the multi-billion Pound weapons are to be mothballed. The bankers levy, which was a paltry GBP 2,6 Billion over five years has also been reduced by get out clauses; the rich tax avoiders and evaders, hiding at least GBP 20 Billion a year are being let off the hook; leaking schools are being left to rot, while richer areas are being given special attention and funding. And so it goes on. Uncontrolled, rampant greed and arrogance by a class of colonialist slavers who believe they are genetically born to rule and be served. No, seriously! Let them eat cake!
And have they decreased and reined in spending, or reduced the trade deficit? Hell no, they've increased both. As long as the good old boys are making money; the old school tie waving in the Lodge, all's dandy.

The student protest is just the beginning. The fascists, including the royals(who got a bit of a wake-up call, when they went on a voyeuristic peek at the plebs, in the old Rolls), are inviting the workers, and anyone excluded from being treated as a human being in 'Great' Brutannia [sic] - which is more than half the population - to join the students out on the streets.

The sooner the place becomes a People's Republic the better, but you won't hear that from the average Brit journalist, since this occupation has also been a preserve of the Tories and their neutered batmen for some time, despite the deliberate pose of neutrality or pinko-trendiness that some have put on.

Is this the winter of Britain's discontent?
Watch this space.

My toolbar for the blog has been disabled, so it's a bit hard to put ALL the links I am going through this morning, but please take the time to look at this and think REAL HARD about what is at stake now as AUSTERITY and idiocy rule ...

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