December 17, 2010

Local media ignore MN's Veterans and Coleen Rowley's arrest.. all except 950AM

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Did you know there was a group of MN's Veterans plus supporters like Coleen Rowley who went to join 100's Veterans and supports from all over the country ?

I heard on 950 AM radio on Wednesday night that there was a group of MN Veterans and some supporters going to DC to try to meet with Obama and if not, then commit civil disobedience and they were meeting up with Veterans for Peace and other Veterans from all over the country include Daniel Ellsburg. One of the supporters included MN's Coleen Rowley. The host, Nancy Nelson interview Vets for Peace Barry Riesch of the action. Barry along with Coleen Rowley and 4 other MN Vets were arrested in front of the White house.

How sad that your NEWS outlet didn't think hundreds of VETERANS in front of the White house was news. The MN group joined over 400 people who mostly were Veterans. There were over 130 arrested.

How sad you can devote so much time to where the Vikings are going to play when so many troops and Veterans are dying. More are dying from suicide then in battle.

I'm so glad we have 950 AM. / you can listen online, or if Minneapolis/St paul and west side of the metro you can listen on AM 950.
Friday Night Coleen Rowley will be interviewed by Mike Malloy

A MN vet Bob Heberle who wasn't arrested, sat for 4 hours with Daniel Ellsburg as he waited to pay his fine.

In this video you can see MN's Coleen Rowley plus several MN Veterans protesting in front of White house just before arrest. over 130 Vets plus other arrested. /

Here is more on the story.

Great pictures /

** if you get a chance call or email your local news stations and ask.. why didn't they cover the MN Veterans who went to DC to call an end to the war and were arrested. Ask them is where the Vikings going to play really more important than the Veterans who went to DC ?

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