December 03, 2010


Flanagan, former Harper advisor has called for the assassination of Julian Assange, publisher of Wikileaks.

See the hypocrites are spouting about the rule of law call for the assassination of WikiLeaks founder Assange before he is even arrested and officially charged.

Tom Flanagan, a professor at the University of Calgary and former adviser to Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper is a hypocrite. Flanagan has openly called for the assassination of Assange.

If calling for the assassination of a private citizen is not a crime in and of it self it ought to be. The University of Calgary should fire Flanagan tomorrow.

I encourage you to phone University of Calgary president Elizabeth Cannon at 403-220-5617 and demand the resignation of Professor Tom Flanagan.

Please Email to speak your mind.

For more on this story please see Professor Tom Flanagan: Glib about Murdering Julian Assange

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