December 21, 2010

Lord's prayer in Aramaic - beautiful !

From their album, Sacred Ragas, by IndiaJiva, this is Abwoon D'Bashmaya, The Lords Prayer in Aramaic.

Translation of some of the lines of the Lord's Prayer from the Aramaic 
(by Neil Douglas Klotz in "Prayers of the Cosmos")

"O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos, 
you create all that moves in light. 
O Thou! The Breathing Life of all, 
Creator of the Shimmering Sound that touches us....
Radiant One: You shine within us, 
outside us
--even darkness shines--
when we remember. 

Name of names, 
our small identity unravels in you , 
you give it back as a lesson...."

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