February 10, 2011

Response to Robert Fisk

A MurKan/Canadian view of Barry's response to calls for democracy in the ME/North Africa ...

::::::::Like everyone else, I am watching with all four of my eyes the doings in Egypt and Tunisia. I am now an avid Facebook user, as this nets me better "news" than what I had before. I have a chance to peer into the Egyptian soul as never before.

I am posting a running commentary on all things Egyptian and trying heartily to avoid the Oped that proliferated like dandelions in April these days, UNLESS they indicate some major shift in perception or alliance. Or, like the NYT, they are official mouthpieces for some particular group, in their case the liberal democratic perspective as it pertains to "stability" and a critique of US foreign policy from their point of view. I've spent hours pouring over Egyptian blogs, magazines, FB pages, twitters, human rights organization reports. Sometimes my eyes are just looking for historical accuracy as it applies to US policy on Egypte and the Middle East. Remember; the outright torture and genocide of Paolestinian people is covert and largely unknown to those spoon fed US psyops.

So, with interest today I find an article by Robert Fisk making the rounds. It is superbly fitting after reading Allen J. Roland's article on Veteran's Today yesterday and hurriedly translating arabic texts to find out what the pro democracy forces are demanding and putting in writing to go global/viral. They are frustrated with rhetoric and want ALL their power back; Wael has urged them all to DREAM the big one. The Vision Statement of Egypt is being written which will drive the further actions and priorities of these Freedom Fighters. Such big demands are being laid on the Egyptian leadership as this is a LIFE AND DEATH battle: Despite the fact that the prime "directive" is to communicate and trust, as Wael brought up:

1. They are busy burying the dead and looking for the disappeared and the beaten and tortured. The list, to be presented to the press is busily being prepared in time for the Friday funeral; Also, documenting all the assault cases and in one case, death of journalists and news organizations.

2. They are busy recording all the crimes committed, including the looting of the treasury and corruption -- not just against lower level officials, but the Mubarak family (Going on on mainly arabic websites, some translations I have put on my FB notes " ) and making sure there are travel bans on these people. They are also documenting the abuses since Jan. 25, video, first hand accounts -- these include material related to the state-run TV stations and orders given to other media outlets

3. Refining demands while learning a WHOLE LOT of international law that is relevant.
Mubarak does not move on as Ben Ali did, so this is STRESSFUL to the entire process ..

Meanwhile - I, just like you, do not like them as Sitting Targets " ! I wish Anonymous would attack the Egyptian government computers which have the capacity to give the military knowledge to go after and punish anyone who has participated in actions.
This is a bloodbath going on, and Barry&Co are morally culpable. Chris Hedges takes on that vast problem here and it well worth your while to give 27 minutes attention to it.
The US tried to BUY OFF and influence pro-democracy leaders like 6th April, but support them verbally, hell no. They knew what was coming and hedged their bets. Hi LIAR y brought them over on a regular basis. She thought that they were "safer" than the Muslim Brotherhood.
When Wael and his friends outsmarted the US intended control of The Movement, Barry&Co immediately grew frustrated and have blown this crisis/opportunity in every way possible. Both public and private diplomacy "efforts" are DISASTERS. MurKa has shown itself to be only capable of supporting military action/elites. They have no concept of making friends based on moral, ethical, and values as the basis of true alliance. Choosing Wisner as the POINT MAN was a TOTAL disaster from everyone's point of view but Wisner's and Mubarak's -- and shows precisely why the US cannot be trusted. No one will convince me that they did not know of Wisner's CIA connections, his firm representing The Regime and his own personal investments in Egypt. Strains credulity doesn't it?
It becomes increasingly clear that Obomber's only agenda is to get enough money to run in 2012 , and for that he needs to kowtow to those who would never even consider speaking with, let alone supporting, someone who is an ACTIVIST. Remember: he needs to raise $1.6 million per DAY to get the necessary funds. As this all rages, he with the Chamber of Commerce and making deals with Canada to have 30 corporations RUNNING North America. The North American Union has slipped in under the radar while eyes were diverted. The militarization of Canada is nearly complete, just a few details to iron out. This took far higher priority than any human rights attention on either of their parts.
Barry thinks no one in Egypt with power, clout and MONEY is backing The Movement. I think that Dream TV interview with Wael indicated something far different. I think we will see resources being mobilized to help the new leadership and America be DAMNED. The Regime has a new call for a bond issue that is slipping in under the wire -- they made a tender on Monday to keep themselves "solvent" as the elite raids the treasury before leaving. Fortunately, the real leaders of The Movement are figuring out what to do as I type. I've posted their preliminary demands to freeze these assets from officials and slap travel bans on them so that they can't flee with funds. I think banks who help these criminals will be held liable, too. Mubarak, alone, has enough money (not counting his gold) to bail out the entire Egyptian debt !! What will Barak do when the protestor/citizens get what is "RIGHTFULLY theirs?

As Allen J. Roland said: This is not a bright, shining moment for Barak ". Anyone who supports torturers should have been highly suspect anyway ....

There is the call to WAKE UP from Egyptian women who know "the score" .. will Barry hear them and their children?

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