February 08, 2011

British Consul Closes Office to Duck Assange Letter

Oh, the irony!

When we handed out anti torture postcards earlier in the day we were THANKED by nearly everyone who took one regardless of age, race, nationalit­y, political persuasion­. It was extremely gratifying­.

Then we show up at a private building and treated like rodents, the ones with the leathery tails. One spiteful man came outside and started SCREAMING AT US, and not ONE cop or security guy said a word or even moved a muscle !! Hey, we are taxpayers, too. These kinds of bullies

("PUT THAT MAN IN PRISON AND THROW AWAY THE KEY" he yelled. Yet, I'll bet he'd give the WAR CRIMINALS campaign donations and invite them to dinner.)

If protesters are peaceful but cannot even deliver a letter about justice, how can anyone think this is a land of the free, home of the brave?
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