February 24, 2009

Canada releases UFO X-Files to the World

Now this is "interesting".

This may be part of a wider DISinformation racket. Today an article appeared in the cheap tabloid 24 hours that commuters regularly take in daily here in Toronto that said that UFO sitings are WAY up in Canada.
This takes one's mind off the huge problem of WAR CRIMES and militarization/securitization of all of Canada that is going on.
On the other hand, this may be very progressive news that needs to be examined.
I attended one seminar on this matter, in which Paul Hellyer and Dr. Greer met last year. I left confused and unsure as to the authenticity of what was advanced. It IS rumored that UFO's have been spotted on a leyline in Toronto on a consistent basis.
This blurb was found on Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow network email. So I post it for your consideration anyway.



The Canadian Government has authorized open public access to thousands of federal government documents concerning UFOs. A total of 9500 digitized documents spanning the years 1947 to the early 1980s have been made available through the Library and Archives Canada website. Titled "Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown" the files include correspondence, reports, memos and procedures, some of which specifically deal with UFOs. The files come from Canada’s National Defense Department, the Department of Transport, the National Research Council, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Canada's release of its UFO X-Files follows closely upon the release at the end of January of Denmark's UFO files. Britain continues to release thousands of UFO files through a program of gradual releases it began in May 2007 through its national archives with the most recent being on October 2008. The French Space Agency had earlier announced on March 22, 2007, that it was making public its secret UFO files through a government website. The important difference between the released Canadian UFO files with other country releases is the inclusion of departmental analyses rather than simply reports of UFO sightings. According to Victor Viggiani from Exopolitics Toronto , who has been monitoring the Canadian Government UFO website since its inception, "The Canadian files do not simply list UFO sightings; they describe actions, meetings and inter-departmental memoranda generated by Canadian officials that attempt to make sense of the considerable onslaught of UFO sightings as well as referencing American problems with keeping abreast of UFO sightings."

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