November 13, 2005

Invitation to Earthlings Anonymous

Would you like to join?

You have been invited as you seem a likely

candidate as we will show below.

We must use invitations at this time only.

See the links below.


We are a brand new group.

We believe that our common welfare should

come first; personal growth depends upon unity.


Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of traditions to come,

ever reminding us to place

principles before personalities.

If you do not have an anonymous email address,

please send a request to the moderator

and a new gmail account will be offered toyou.

All invites to "names" must be sent via blind copy.


You can figure out what you are powerless over all by yourself!


We suggest you start with people, places and things as well as

all styles of government.

You might take a look at your powerlessness over greed, ignorance and stoopidity.

We will have a link here for

Chapter Four of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

which you will want to read.

It’s not about alcoholISM, it’s about all ISMs.


As some of the process of this group it will be suggested

that you get HONEST

and take a personal inventory of

your shortcomings of your relationship with

Mother Earth.

We suggest you anticipate a TRUE spiritual awakening as a result.

This will involve tears and pink clouding.

It is important to make a decision to check your ego (Edging God Out)

at the door,

to love each other as thyself,

and offer to the group whatever talents and gifts

that you would like to surrender in the spirit of

Potlatch, or Give Away.


We understand that we are human.

Make mistakes, mess up your room,

but don't throw sand in this sandbox, please.

Please make the group fill with sunshine, fun and laughter!

We can all celebrate another new day loaded with promise.


We STAND TALL for each other.

There will be no censorship, no false accusations –

no one has anything to gain by such behaviour.

Internet trolls

will be identified quickly - they are not a problem

Prophets, demons and soothsayers

need not respond.


This is a group whose time has come!


There will be many more such circles.

But we will never be organized.

Each group will be fully

autonomous and we do not seek outside contributions.

Nor do we go looking for them!

God will provide as we ascend in our consciousness.


Many have gone before us.

They have walked the hard roads,

fought the good fight and loved well.

We encourage your contributions of their

work as you post on this group.


Saving the planet and stopping the killing are our chief aims.


Achieving such goals

may take many forms and we plead for your tolerance.


Only at this time is membership by invitation only.

We expect rapid growth.

Suggestions for the website are encouraged.

In fact, suggestions for change are on the SECOND page of the (proposed) website.


We are here to SERVE and SHARE.

Hope you are, too!


There will be no other sponsor than your Higher Power, whichever name

you call it by.

Tolerance and a spirit of seeking will help you accept

all members’

Ways of Truth.


Should you decide to join -

Please read through the messages first on the groupsite .


Please speak your Truth LOUDLY.

Ask for support for your activities

and YourSelves.

We all have many causes to proclaim far and wide.


The Mother Earth, this planet NEEDS our help.

So get busy and invite all your friends. Soon.

May you invite all your angels here.


We will find that everyone invited will want to work peacefully,

legally and democratically for the fulfillment of their VISION.


Your Moderators are but Trusted Servants.

You will notice that they invoke "Outside Help" from our New Director

on numerous occasions.

We turned our lives and our wills over long ago.


Preamble of Earthlings Anonymous

This group is for those people -- leaving their egos at the door – who are willing to make a change.

Earthlings Anonymous is fellowship of women and men

who share their experience, strength and hope with each other,

that they may solve their common problems and help others recover

from any dishonest relationship with Mother Earth.

The requirement for membership is a desire for change --

leading us to help save our planet and a commitment to stop the killing.

We do not have, therefore a "singleness of purpose".

There are no dues or fees for Earthlings Anonymous (EA) membership;

we are self supporting through our own contributions.

We ask that you notify the group of any useful or loving contribution you wish to make

to the group in the spirit of potlatch, or Give Away.

EA is not allied with ANY religion, sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution;

does not wish to engage in any controversy amongst themselves,

neither endorses nor opposes any causes collectively.

Instead, individual members are free and encouraged

to ask for support for any activity that saves

Mother Earth

or Her Denizens.

We do ask that you help us save all totem and other animals,

plants, water, rocks and other living things!

We aim to speak for all those that cannot speak for themselves.

Our primary purpose is help others reclaim the spirit of

love and compassion

as well as to help other Earthlings to achieve

true stewardship

of the Planet.

Remember: we are not alone.

The whole Universe is colluding to help us save OurSelves.

Always observe Rule 64, if you can.

Living On Love!

Living On Light!

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