August 15, 2011

Why Aren't Americans in the Streets? Where Is the American Autumn?

The Wall in Europe came down due to Latvian and Lithuian women being ENRAGED about Chernobyl and taking over the radio stations. Here in the US - I am MN USuncut organizer - ANGRY WOMEN are never seen on TV, unless they are "mad" like Michele Bachmann.

The left is truly sexist and until they wake up from their slumber, the US is truly f**ked. Hard to say though what will be women's tipping point. The povertizat­ion of women means we have less means to fight back - we are demoralize­d, taunted, looked down upon and often criminaliz­ed because we can't make ends meet. The profession­al poverty industry on the front lines due nothing to ADVOCATE for the homeless and the poor, imho.

Yes, NoBlueDogs you are onto it ..

Great book: Dismantlin­g Tyranny ..
About Afghanistan
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