October 02, 2008

White House Lawyers Plan To Stonewall Special Counsel Investigation into US Attorney Firings

The Department of Justice IG recommended -- and Attorney General agreed -- to appoint a special counsel to investigate the firings of the US Attorneys.

However, the White House language -- presumably coordinated with legal counsel implicated in the firings -- implicitly establishes an intent to not fully cooperate with the special counsel:

WaPo: "If, in the course of her investigation, she needs information, we will certainly want to accommodate her," White House spokesman Tony Fratto said of Dannehy.

Note the language does not say "will accomodate her" but "want to accommodate her". "Wanting to" do something in no way is a promise of anything, but a vague desire of an aspiration, not a commitment to any legal requirement.

The same White House-DOJ lawyers who were involved with improperly firing the US Attorneys appear to be involved with a larger plan to continue obstructing the special counsel.

The White House might as well have said, "We'll continue to obstruct justice, but pretend our slowrolling is related to protecting national security, state secrets, or evidence which we have illegally classified."

This strongly suggests there is no plan to accomodate, but to continue obfuscation despite the President's imminent departure with the end of his term.

"We want to accomodate the law and investigation, but they aren't on our ideological radar."

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