October 16, 2008


October 24: March on Wall Street

Friday, October 24 - 3-6:30 pm
Federal Hall - 26 Wall Street

Nationally Coordinated, Local Mass Actions

October 24 - 27


endorse volunteer/list local activity
donate to help with organizing expenses

The stock markets are crashing, the world economy is headed into a deep recession or even depression, and the U.S. government and its top bankers, along with their counterparts around the world, are giving what’s going to amount to trillions of dollars to bailout the richest 1 percent of the people WHILE DOING NOTHING TO RESCUE ORDINARY WORKING AND POOR PEOPLE!

We must stand up and say no to this injustice! NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.

With that in mind, we are calling for Nationally Coordinated Local Days of Action on the weekend of October 24-27.

During October 24-27, organize marches and demonstrations in front of banks, especially JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank, or at your local Federal Reserve Bank. Organize a teach-in or a public hearing on the Wall Street crisis, etc.


The following are some of the growing list of emergency measures that people across the country will be raising at protests during the Days of Action:

  • Emergency moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions
  • No budget cuts in education, healthcare and all social services
  • No layoffs, extend unemployment benefits
  • No utility shut-offs
  • Debt relief for students, poor and working people
  • Protect public and private pensions
  • Jobs at a living wage
We are asking for grassroots, community and youth organizations, trade unionists, anti-racist forces, the anti-war movement and everyone who's just mad as hell about the "bailout" to both endorse this call, and take ownership of it. Plan actions during this period of time in your cities across the country.

Partial List of Initiators:

  • Ad-hoc National Network to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions
  • Moratorium Now Coalition To Stop Foreclosures and Evictions (Michigan)
  • Labor/Community Coalition to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions (California)
  • Service Employees International Union, Local 721
  • Latino Caucus, SEIU Local 721
  • Gloria Saucedo, Hermandad Mexicana Nacional
  • NYC Councilmember Charles Barron
  • The Harlem Tenants Council
  • NY May 1 Coalition For Immigrant and Workers Rights
  • Chris Silvera, Secretary Treasurer, Teamster Local 808
  • Brenda Stokely, New York Solidarity Coalition with Katrina/Rita Survivors
  • La Peña Del Bronz
  • Trabahadores Por La Paz
  • Rebel Diaz
  • Queers for Peace and Justice
  • Women's Fight back Network (Massachusetts)
  • Frantz Mendes, President, USW local 8751 (Boston School Bus Union)
  • Action Center for Justice (North Carolina)
  • FIST (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together)
  • Troops Out Now Coalition
  • ...and hundreds more


Anonymous said...

[ private comment ]

subj: TPM Software (GSB27/JamesDD)

1. TPM Software

The new TPM blogging software with Movable Type has an IP-tracking feature, allowing blog managers to monitor incoming IP numbers.

2. Matching IP Numbers

Relying solely on the new TPM software, we've independenty established there are multiple IP's commonly linking GSB27 and JamesDD.
Both the names are linked to the University of Chicago; and there are parallel movements of the IP numbers between New Jersey and Chicago.

Thus, this comment, "Did not realize that GSB27 was my friend." does not reconcile with the matching IP data within TPM's new displays.

3. Wiki Updates

These common IP numbers are publicly associated with other information on the wikis and public websites. Of interest are the GSB/JamesDD IP numbers which match the wiki updates on Mary Beth Buchanan.

4. Hotel Reservation Information

One common feature of both ID's is that their IP numbers are jointly liked to online hotel reservation systems. This would suggest, if needed, there are credit card transactions on specific dates linked with a publicly disclosed website.

5. Exploring the TPM Software Takes Time

If you are interested in looking at the TPM new software, the comments still remaining on your TPM blog will highlight the GSB-JamesDD comments by IP number and name.

This is time consuming

For planning purposes, I would suggest you leave aside about a six-hour block of time to go through all the IPs; then map out the IDs-IPs for GSB and James.

Suggetions if you are interested, have the time to review the TPM comment-tracking software:

See if you can find patterns between the two ID's, using your new/revised TPM software which allows comment management.

6. Government Connections

Was unable to determine whether any of the IP's were masks used to cloak the connection with the US government, or any other official organization.

[ end private comment ]

Anonymous said...

[ private comment ]

Subj: How to access the TPM IP data

It's not obvious how to do this. The format isn't very helpful.

First, sign-in.

Second, look for the "Blog Now" option on the upper right of TPM.

Third, look for "Create" and "Manage" in the upper left.

Fourth, clock on "Manage"

You will see a menu,"Homepage," "Menu" "Comments": Select "Comments"

You are at the "Manage Comments" feature. You will notice on the right side, the IP numbers are listed.

Click on one of the IP numbers.

This will take you to the search feature for IPs. Note, you can change the IP number to anything you want.

In the case of "our friends," you can track the common IP numbers.

You can search by name, if you change the tic-boxes below this search box.

Type these sample IP numbers in [without the brackets], as a demonstration:

A. [ 75.205.1 ]

or try this one:

B. [ 68.20 ]

Depending on what they did on your blog, there may or may not be similar matches.

C. [ 128.135 ]

D. The 75.206 series appears to hae leaked into the wiki. This means that the IP numbers James is using linked with the 75.206 prefix appear to substantially match his postings on Mary Beth Buchanan.


What is your view on having your IP number disclosed to others who can look at your comments you've publicly posted on other blogs on TPM?

Personally, I am not impressed with TPM in releasing this IP-connected information to others on TPM. Perhaps you and others may wish to discuss publicly your views on the disclosure/access of IP-connected information.

[ end private comment ]