September 12, 2006

A Special Message from Leonard Peltier

September 12, 2006

Dear Supporters,

We have a Special Surprise for you!

A Special Message from Leonard Peltier!

Please click on the following to hear Leonard speak to you on hisbirthday,September 12, 2006.

Leonard is 62 years old today!

Thank you for your support!

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

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A Special Message from Leonard Peltier:

Greetings Sisters, Brothers, Friends and Supporters!

Well here it is another year. Another birthday. This one makes me 62years old. Also this makes it my thirty plus years in prison.

I believe itwas right after I was illegally convicted in Fargo, North Dakota when I wrote astatement telling everyone that my freedom would only come after the masses had demanded it. But first we would have to unite and organize, to reach them.

So far we have been unable to do so. Yes we have reached millions who have signed my petitions we have circulated throughout the world asking for my release.

True most of those good peoples are from Europe, but we have also made a lot of gains here in the United States. At one time we had fifty five (55) members of Congress sign a letter for a new trial or my release.

Fifty-five members is historical. No other prisoner in history has ever been able to accomplish this, nor has anyone else, individually I mean, and thereare other accomplishments we have made and won here in the UnitedStates.

Still I sit in prison not because I am guilty of the alleged crime I was illegally convicted of but because we still are unable to reach the masses here in America. The reason for this is not because the American people do not care or want to help, but because we have been unable to reach them.

Personally I believe the majority of them do care and want to help. We sense this from the ones we are able to reach. We are moving forward very slowly in this freedom campaign of mine. The reason is we just do not have the financial resources to move forward at the pace we would like to be.

This is the real and only reason that we have not been able to reach the people in the United States. Nothing is free here in America, not justice or the media.

So although there is still no light at the end of the tunnel formeor my freedom, we continue struggling forward. I continue to search forthehope and strength I need to survive. I continue to pray and hope that one day I will get the support I need from the American people and one dayI will still be able to walk out of prison.

So my hopes and spirits are stillhigh at my 62 years of age. I continue on this continued struggle.

We are still finding bits and pieces of new evidence to file new appeals on.Those of you who have followed my case closely I can imagine are thinking How can this be, as there has been so many constitutional violations already.

But the same old problem exists.

The courts continue to cover up thecontinuedcriminal acts of my conviction committed by my prosecutors.

Your help is needed, Give what you can.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Leonard Peltier

NOTE:We, at the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Bob Robideau, and Toni Zeidan and the Legal Team, Barry Bachrach, and Mike Kuzma thank you for your ongoing support.

Lets Bring Leonard Home!

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